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Copies of my book South Florida has the Blues are available now! Prints of images from the book are also available.TO PREVIEW my book CLICK on the BLURB badge of the book cover at the bottom of this page. Please Contact me to ORDER signed copies my of: South Florida has the BLUES. (paypal accepted).

"Photography is the only language understood in all parts of the world and bridging all nations and cultures, it links the family of man. Independent of political influence – where people are free – it reflects truthfully life and events, allows us to share in the hopes and despair of others, and illuminates political and social conditions. We become the eye–witness of the humanity and in humanity of man..." – Helmut Gersheim (Creative Photography –1962)

Photographer and Graphic Designer - Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts.

AVAILABLE for PHOTOGRAPHY Assignments & Commission work.

If you see anything you like , let me know and I'll make a print just for you.You may purchase prints in all sizes ranging from 4''x 6'' to poster size (24''x 36''). Dramatically change the look and feel of a room or area with images that are both pleasing to the eye and inspiring to the mind. You can get any of my gorgeous pictures as a fun and original gift for yourself or a loved one. This includes bound books, mugs, t-shirts, magnets, luggage tags, postcards, and much, much more! Most photos are available custom framed (w UV Fade prevention glass) or matted only (all with acid free matts.) For purchase inquiries of framed images see contact info below.

My works are COPYRIGHTED. All images are protected under the U.S. and International Copyright Laws. These images, are the sole work and exclusive copyright and property of Sandee Lewin Nye. They may not be reproduced, copied, projected, transmitted, used or altered in any way without specific written permission of Sandee Lewin Nye and payment of required fees or arrangement thereof. Anyone interested in receiving permission and reproduction rights should contact me. Buying a print gives you only the right to display the print, not reproduce, distribute or use it in any way without prior permission. All rights reserved. These photographs are NOT within public domain.

New digital (and film) work will be added all the time. So there will be many NEW things each time you return.

YOUR Comments are welcome! If you like the pictures please Rank them, and they'll become part of my Popular gallery.

You may contact me at: or or

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Please check back for new exhibitions shortly


Uncommon Gallery, 2713 E Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale • Gallery Night - Second Friday of Every Month (June 14, 2013 / July 12 2013 / August 9 2013 / September 13 2013 / October 11 2013)
The Creatives Art Show at IWANTHEBUBBLE
Sat Feb 23, 2013
810 NE 4th Ave,
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"The Weekender" on Main Street featuring Gallery Night Friday and Saturday night August 26 & 27, 2011 Miami Lakes' Main Street!

FOR ART SAKE Gallery 2000 Harrison St #2 in Hollywood, FL. (Harrison & 20th) Hollywood ART WALK Dec 2010

ArtServe 8th Annual Holiday Member Showcase
Group Exhibit Nov12, 2008-Jan 9, 2009 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale

NSU Grad Capstone Project on BLUES IN S FL. - Photo Exhibit/Blues Jam/BOOK Signing: South Florida has the BLUES
ROSEY BABY, Lauderhill, FL

(former) Pivot Recording Studios Gallery Hollywood, FL

Uncommon Gallery, Commercial Blvd Ft. Lauderdale


• South Florida has the Blues

• Riverwalk Blues Festival

• The Sunday Blues with Dar WKPX 88.5 FM, Sunday 10 AM to 1 PM:

• South Florida Blues Society:

• JazzBlues Florida

• Rosey Baby

• Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts

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SouthFlorida has the BLUES
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